I have scheduled multiple line locating classes over the years and none were as good as the one I had Tyner Consulting do. Bob Tyner keeps the class moving and interesting which keeps everyone involved. But it is his workbook that really makes the class. Even the locators in the class learned new information. I would recommend this locating class to any company that has a need to locate pipelines.

Robert R. Chapman
Manager of Regulatory Compliance
Hiland Crude

Comments from the classes

  • Everything was very informative and specific, learned a lot.
  • Good refresher. Always learn something new.
  • I took this class as a refresher and a requirement to staying current with guidelines. This class was a surprise, as Bob was engaging, entertaining and current in rules and regulations. The class though grounded in technology and science focuses on the practical skills necessary on the job. I would definitely seek Bob and Stan out as instructors when I need another update.
  • A really great learning experience.
  • New to line finding, this class was exactly what I was looking for. My job responsibilities have changed to include line finding and I was a bit overwhelmed with the equipment and guidelines. I was initially nervous about having to pass a written test, but the class was structured in an informative interactive way that prepared me for both the written examination and the hands-on evaluation. Bob Tyner is an excellent and knowledgeable instructor, he used techniques that kept you engaged and helped you learn and be confident in line finding techniques.
  • I learn something new in every class.
  • I really enjoyed Bob Tyner’s line locating class. Before this training, I had no experience with line location. After the class I felt comfortable and confident in locating underground pipe lines. Bob is very professional, patient and takes the time to explain and demonstrate all aspects of line locating. The on-the-job, hands-on-training approach makes this training very valuable. I would highly recommend this training for anyone that is seeking training in line locating.
  • I think the class is the best one around for Line Location.
  • Anytime you take a technical class you always risk getting lost in the boredom of the science, but I can say that this is not the case with the line locating class taught by Bob Tyner.   The class from the very beginning was interactive, the teachers use a great technique to keep all students engaged & there is a good deal of learning going on with this high energy atmosphere You leave the class with practical skills and not a bunch of paperwork that will generally get stuffed on a book case. Some people just have the gift of teaching and this is true of the instructor.
  • Instructor Bob Tyner is great at having the students involved in the class. Class was informative and I enjoyed the hands on approach.

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