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We are dedicated to providing the best line locator training in the United States. Our experience in this industry is vast spanning more than 25 years. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the quality of our training.

Our 1-Day Program is very popular, includes practical hands on experience with line locator equipment and the course leads to a wallet card upon completion. We also have a 2-Day Program for larger class sizes. We will do the training at your facility or if you prefer, you can attend one of our open sessions that are provided throughout the year.

Bob Tyner Line Locator training classPrograms

At TCS we are committed to helping our students understand proven methods, learning OSHA regulations pertaining to line locating as well as giving them hands on training with state of the art equipment.

Our instructors are highly qualified based on years of experience in the field of line locating and are highly capable and thorough instructors. All of our training programs include theory, engaging discussion of real life examples, hands on training, repetition and testing.

While California law requires annual training and testing, refresher training is also extremely beneficial to allow students to maintain up to date knowledge of regulations and newest techniques. Give us a call today to schedule your training!

We currently offer our standard line locating training program in two lengths, or we are happy to customize a program to your needs. All classes include practical hands-on training with line locator equipment, lead to wallet cards, and can be held at your facility.

Class DescriptionBob Tyner Line Locator Training Class

This class is designed to provide a basic understanding for students new to line finding, and to be a refresher for students needing to keep training requirements current.


By the end of the course, the student should be aware of the following:

  • The line-finder is a person not instrument
  • History of line-finding instruments
  • How to use and calibrate the line-finder
  • The different settings available on most line-finders
  • 811 Call Before You Dig
  • How to mark and locate using CGA guideline techniques for using a line-finding instrument
  • Use of a test line

By the end of the course, the student will:

  • Have the knowledge of theory to locate buried lines
  • Have hands-on evaluation
  • Pass a written test

Bob Tyner Line Locator Training ClassClass Length

One Day – 8 hours split between classroom and hands-on training

Two Days – 16 hours. Recommended for a group size of 10 or more. Same as one day class, but at a slower pace and more time allotted to hands-on training.


Upon successfully completing the class, students will receive a wallet card, and will have satisfied CA Law, CCR, Title 8, 1541, which requires annual training and testing.

Other questions? Please see our FAQ.

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