Welcome to Tyner Consulting Services – specializing in line locator training and pipeline regulatory compliance.

Although our home office is in California we often provide classes in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, North Dakota and other places in North America. Our classes are well organized, informative and enjoyable – read our testimonials to see that our methods of teaching work well for our students.

Why do we provide line locator training? Line locators are in the business of worst-case scenarios – it is extremely important that lines are properly identified and located before excavation to avoid any potential accidents. We at TCS specialize in providing hands on line locator training classes for individuals and companies in the Oil and Gas industry.

What is our focus? Our focus is on getting the occasional line locator person fully trained and up to speed with the latest regulations and practices. That is why our classes emphasize interactive discussions, hands-on training, and finish with a hands-on evaluation and written test. We also send all students home with a workbook of materials covered in the class.

Our Slogan — Locating equipment does not locate buried cables or lines. PEOPLE DO.

How do I find out more about your classes? First take a look at the rest of our website and then complete the contact us form here.
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